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Toro LawnmowersTony’s Lawn Mower and Tool Service Toro mower

We carry several models of Toro lawn mowers and snow blowers.

Toro lawnmowers are engineered to efficiently handle extreme conditions and challenging terrain, without sacrificing cut quality—or your comfort. We carry Toro’s Recycler®, Super Recycler ®, TimeMaster ™, plus the E-Cycler ™ cordless model. The Recycler Cutting System delivers unmatched quality of cut, user-friendly features such as Bag-on-Demand and SmartStow ™, and more ease of use with the Personal Pace ® feature, which senses and adapts to your walking speed; and a 3-year Guaranteed to Start Promise. Learn More.


Tony’s Lawn Mower and Tool Service Toro snow blower

Toro Snow Blowers


Count on Toro Snow blowers for jobs big and small.
Single-Stage Snowblowers are ideal for asphalt and concrete. Check out the Power Clear ®, TORO’s best-selling snowblower. Single-stage snowblowers clear up to 9” of snow at a time and throw it up to 35 feet away; are easier to maneuver and use than a two-stage snowblower; generally remove snow up to 33% fast-er than a similar two-stage snowblower; and clear snow down to the pavement. Learn more about Toro single stage snow blowers.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers
are ideal for big areas and tough jobs. Toro’s NEW Power Max ® is perfect for compact, deep snow. For ultimate, heavy-duty construction, consider the Power Max HD.® Two-stage snow blowers are a good choice when you need to clear a driveway that can park 6 or more cars. These models work on gravel, concrete and asphalt surfaces. Two-stage snow blowers can clear snow up to 12” deep and throw snow up to 45 feet away—and are a great choice for wet, heavy and compacted snow. Learn more about Toro two stage snow blowers.

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